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Brenda Seville MFHT MARR CertH.Ed Testimonials

My testimonials are from real clients, trustworthy and a true and honest account of their treatment from me.

For personal reasons, some of my clients prefer to remain anonymous and/or have their location withheld but, they are genuine testimonies.

I work with the utmost professionalism, discretion and confidentiality at all times.

***Your Happiness Is My Goal!***

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Why not treat someone special to this fantastic gift. What could be more giving than an hour of total bliss and relaxation and, for those who are trying to conceive, the possible gift of life!

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I am so grateful to have met Brenda who is such a joy to be around with her caring nature and illuminating vibe. Brenda is such a great empathic communicator and listener. I was made to feel relaxed and understood. The reflexology and crystal treatments were so soothing and afterwards I felt reset and recharged. Looking forward to another session soon. x

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Linda (Daughter of Aline) - RIP Dear Aline xx

For anyone in the Manchester/Greater Manchester area wanting a recommended, professional, holistic service in your own home at affordable rates - Brenda offers reflexology, reiki , aromatherapy and head massage. She's been treating my mum in her own home for years now and she really goes the extra mile, with so many kindnesses and personal touches. Today she even sent me a Whatsapp video to say hi with my mum after the treatment.
Get some treatment for yourself booked in or for a loved one - it makes all the difference and boosts health and happiness. Thanks to Brenda, you're a rare gem 🙌

Testimonials. Mimi

Eleanor - Mellor Stockport Mimi born 29th May 2020

With my 1st 3 children, I got pregnant straight away. I was anticipating that it might take longer with my 4th as I was 41 yrs old when I started trying. Maybe twice as long, so maybe 2 months?

Once we got to 6 months with no pregnancy, I thought I’d better start making more of an effort. I bought ovulation sticks, took vitamins & read lots of fertility books. After a miscarriage I started acupuncture. I know a lot of people rave about it, but it wasn’t for me. It was expensive, sometimes hurt & I never found it relaxing. I was now 42 years old & thinking that a 4th baby probably wasn’t going to happen.

Through my work as a fertility coach (Click here) I came across something called Reproflexology. I was already a fan of reflexology which I had used several times to help induce labour.

I will let Brenda tell you the science behind it, but I understood that it would stimulate the different bits of me that needed to be in tip top shape to be fertile. Brenda kept a record of where I was in my cycle, so she always knew what she was going to focus on each time.

I saw her once a week, whilst I was trying to get pregnant. (& once a fortnight once I became pregnant, a few months later, which I credit to Reproflexology & the fertility drug Clomid. I feel I had the perfect mix of Science & non science working together.) Brenda came to my house with her “bed”, to give me the best foot massage I’ve ever had.

I know nothing about crystals, but I’ll happily give anything a go, so Brenda would give me some to hold & place some on my body whilst she worked. She played relaxing, fertility music & even told me she predicted that I would have a girl as she could see a pink aura around me. After 3 boys, I seriously doubted this, but she was right, we went onto to have a girl!

Brenda offers lots of different services, I would also book a shoulder massage with her for maximum relaxation. The treatments were so relaxing I often woke myself up snoring!

Brenda was so caring & really invested in my journey, often texting to see how I was doing.

Now my family is complete, I will still be booking Brenda for reflexology for relaxation for every birthday, Xmas & Mother’s Day present!

Mimi was born on 29th May, weighing 7lbs 3oz. Thank you, Brenda for all your help & support.

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Michelle - Didsbury (June, 2019)

"Brenda was recommended to me during my second trimester with my third child. I was looking for reflexology sessions to ensure I spent some quality, quiet time relaxing to unpack the stress and strains of modern life. Brenda brought to my home much more than a quality and professional service, she brought a warmth and uplifting energy that radiated through the sessions. I got something different from every visit but always an underlying feeling of calm and having been re-centred. Our gorgeous baby boy floated safely into the world, at home, on the 8th May in the very room where my reflexology had taken place! To me it feels that Brenda pours her heart and soul into these sessions and displays a genuine concern and enthusiasm in promoting calmness, wellness and positivity. I would without hesitation, similarly, recommend her".

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Aline Cleary - Romiley, Stockport

"I'm glad I found Brenda. One can see her qualifications but it is the personal touch which makes her stand out. The music, oils and crystals are ready to take you away to forget your problems. A genuine carer".

Aline enjoys Indian Head Massage, a foot soak and Reflexology!

Testimonials. Hope

Hope's Christening! 24/06/2018

Hope was christened at St. Matthews Church, Crumpsall surrounded by family and friends.

What a lovely day we all had at the after party at Heaton Park Golf Club!

Testimonials. DawnPearson

Dawn Pearson Updated Testimonial - 17.4.18

"We had endured 4 failed IVF cycles when Brenda came into our lives. Brenda instilled a sense of calm and hope into our lives and after finishing her protocol we fell pregnant 6 weeks later. The support didn't end there, Brenda supported us throughout the pregnancy and our miracle Hope was born. Brenda gave us our daughter and we will never be able to thank her enough".

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Dawn Pearson - Crumpsall. Baby Hope born 21.11.17!

"We had been trying for a baby for over 9 years, we had had four failed IVF’s and had just failed one when Brenda came into our lives.
We had lost all hope having had a miscarriage during our first round and then failure after failure.
Brenda is a very positive influence it is hard to feel any negativity when interacting with Brenda.
The treatment was deeply relaxing and to be honest I never wanted it to finish, the oils smelled wonderful and the feeling of peace was a wonderful escape.
When we found out we were pregnant we were shocked, only 8 weeks or so after finishing our course of treatment, we were very surprised as we were due to have a frozen embryo transfer on the cycle we conceived.
The support from Brenda did not stop when our treatment did, she continues to be there emotionally now offering tips and reassurance as my pregnancy progresses".

Testimonials. Sunflower

Sian - Cheshire

"I came to Brenda for a relaxing treatment due to working in a busy and often stressful job. Within about 10 minutes I found myself relaxing deeply. Treatment was fantastic, at the end I felt rested and refreshed. Highly recommend Brenda, she is a caring practitioner who takes time to find out what you need and tailor the treatment accordingly. Will definitely be returning for more".

Testimonials. Popplies

Wishes to remain Anonymous - Cheshire

"Brenda helped me do something which was impossible for me, which was to relax. It was so essential for me, as being the busy, organised person, I left little time for switching off and relaxing. I really believe that helping me relax, focus and visualise Brenda contributed to my successful IVF cycle after many failed attempts. So worth it all. I loved the reflexology sessions and being around Brenda made me feel very positive about what I may actually achieve. I now have a gorgeous baby girl. Thanks so much Brenda xx".

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Claire - Stockport

"I have very ticklish feet so I was a bit apprehensive having my first reflexology treatment for relaxation, but I loved it! I have enjoyed many treatments over the years and always feel fully relaxed and pampered. Brenda really sets the scene for a holistic experience with a candle lit room, essential oils burning, rainforest sounds playing and a warm and friendly approach. Brenda also accurately let me know where she could feel tensions within my body during the treatment. When it came to trying for a family I came for more treatments after having a miscarriage and long conception times within the family and I fell pregnant quickly both times and I now have two healthy sons. I can't recommend Brenda enough".

Testimonials. MichaelLacey

RIP Michael Lacey x

One of my cherished clients, wonderful Michael, is now singing with the Angels in Heaven!
We had many interesting chats and he was such a special person. What a beautiful soul he had. Michael was a fantastic family man who will be truly missed by his wife and daughters and everyone who knew him.
RIP Michael. I will never forget you x

More testimonials to follow - watch this space!

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